Grinding Made Easy

Grinding Made Easy


Depending on your grinder’s construction, there is an effective way to use it.

First, you need to understand which part is the top part and which is the bottom part. We recommend you ignore the manufacturer’s positioning of the two pieces and operate your grinder according to its mechanical construction.

We actually made a post about it, titled “top or bottom,” which covers that topic, as we find it extremely important. When we design our products, we do so from the inside out; unfortunately, not all the products out there are DESIGNED. Most of them are just poor copies of poor copies.



The picture to the right shows the bottom part of a product. Now, imagine loading it with flowers and closing the lid. Where would all the grounded material spread? Exactly. It will find its way to the surrounding wall and get stuck between the moving parts, leading to the clogging of the grinder, degradation, and contamination over time.


What you want to look for is the loading of the male part by securely sliding into the female part without any flowers between the rotating section. The picture below represents a good structure of the male and female pieces of a grinder. However, can you imagine what would get stuck on the magnet?


Now that your grinder is loaded with herbs, slowly and gently close the lid. As you rotate the lid, do not smash it down; doing so will lead to more pollen sticking to your blades and magnets. In the case of grinders built like the one in the picture above, this will lead to accelerated wear in general.

Remember you don’t want the pollen to stick on your blades, you want to vapor it… right? Now, rotate forth and back, don't go for full rotations, just make sure resistance is not being built up in the grinding chamber. The last thing you want is to build up pressure on the grinder, this will lead to excessive wear of the grinder bushing surface.



Now that you have broken entry to your bud, simply break in the bud by going back and forth—twist and turn your grinder part in the opposite direction until you get the perfect sizing you want. Keep in mind that the grind will become finer the more you twist, so it is really up to your personal preferences and what you intend to use it for.

Safe medicating!

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