about us

who we are, what we do and why we do it

Founded by a team of specialists that have been serving the cannabis industry for nearly two decades, each member of MMJGRIND contributes a skill set that reinforces positive change for the medical cannabis market, propelling its evolution towards global regulation and social acceptance.

With research and development based in israel, Our CA headquarters form a strong foundation to team up with licensed medical cannabis producers all over the glob to deploy their corporate responsibility and to make sure their medicine is being consumed at the purest level possible.

Our first product segment that we have addressed is cannabis grinders. We have identified this segment as the weak link in the cannabis supply chain as we witnessed patients provided with grinders that can do more damage than good.

We are on a mission to increase awareness for medicinal contamination to propel a higher state of mind transformation to layout a stronger infrastructure for healing.

While we cater both the recreational and medical cannabis market segments, our products are designed with the user’s health as a top priority, while also creating sustainability that is incomparable in the industry. The MMJGRIND patented design differentiate it from traditional grinders to provide safe cannabis administration for medical patients.

Our unique online platform provides education and supply via our, upcoming, international Amazon store.

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