Grinding has never been that easy

What would it feel like to have a fresh new grinder every day?



When we say easy we really mean it. Forget about grabbing your grinder to fail just that "last" time before you clean it.
The MGGA is equipped with a Friction Reduction ring that keeps you grinding forever.  How does it work? just like a bearing. The MGGA is based on MMJGRIND technology and is the first bush bearing grinder.

The grind is buttery SMOOTH, almost like spinning a skateboard wheel.
you can really feel what's going on inside the grinder. Watch the video to see how easy it is to turn, even with one finger.


Nothing comes out of the MGGA but PURE MEDICINE.
The MGGA is made out of Aluminum metal that has gone through a hard anodize process to HARDEN its surface matching to an iron steel. Meaning it is less sticky and much more resistant to wear, and it will not ionize flower.
The Friction Reduction Ring is made out of POM, a medical grade plastic that reduces the friction of the grinder by buffering the 2 main grinder parts.
As the moving parts have none matching molecular structure the bonding between them is significantly lower than having 2 identical materials rubbing each other. The MGGA is also MAGNET FREE!, so you don't need to worry about neodymium! the only thing that locks the grinder is a mechanical locking that clicks, this also helps to know when the grinder is engaged and secured to grind and can be easily opened with a slight twist while opening it out.


Trichomes, those glands, the ones that carry natures gift. We do wish to preserve them as much as possible closer to consumption.

If you like your grind even, clean, consistent and fluffy than you will love the MGGA gradual grinding design. It starts with a lowered section in the bottom part (the one with the star), and another lowered section on the top part so you close the grinder without crushing and wrecking the trichomes. Place the NUG'S that about to be ground, close the grinder till you hear it clicked and rather than trying to complete a full turn - try to build rotation by cross direction as slightest resistance is noticed. You will actually feel as the grinder open up the NUG inside and breaking it down to little even sized pieces without crushing most of the trichomes.


It packs a tone of grip and it is so easy to hold! Designed with medical patients in mind for which suffer from various conditions resulting in limited hand movement, the MGGA fits right in the palms of the hands and soft on your finger joints. The rubberized handle circumference is larger and stands out the grinder main cylinder size - the result is a roomy grip that, combined with smooth rotation, reduces the pressure from the wrists. 


A picture worth more than thousands of words, how about a video?


The MGGA herb grinder is the most comfortable grinder ever made. We thought of everything you may need to fully utilize the grinding experience. It has a little slot to allow easy removal of the Friction Reduction Ring as well as a place to place your NUG, please note we strongly recommend NOT to grind up the stems - stems have a very strong scent into them as they burn, don't believe us? take a flower, stripe it off its NUGS and burn the stem itself, you will smell a little ashes scent. With a grinding capacity of up to 1 gram, some say you can load more but we would not suggest that. Keep your grinder at its best shape, it will reward you back. No more clogged grinders!


If you can't clean it with ease, you will probably wont clean it. The hardest spots to clean are usually the ones that affects the grinding quality. The cleaning tool has been specifically designed to address those dead spots that you cant really get to. The tool has 3 faces,, each face designed to match a different zone. the ring has a unique geometry so we a tool to clean its profile. Got some pollen stuck in

Genesis - 2 Part Aluminum Grinder and Wooden Handles

Genesis - 2 Part Aluminum Grinder and Wooden Handles

Specifications: Size: 2.75" Diameter | 1.3" height Weight: 5.5oz Capacity: 0.5-1g (Nug) Materials: Aluminium (Hard anodized) | Indian Rosewood | Medical grade Pom & Silicon Warranty: 5 years on
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    Jasper Van Bellen

    The Original Cones,
    The Netherlands

    Solid quality feel, the finish inside and outside is smooth but with a good grip. Bit larger than the average but it gives nice result that keeps the weed fluffy. There’s no magnet or aluminium touching/grinding each other what is perfect, this brand is a proper addition to the world of grinders.

    Kimberly Athon

    Verified customer, USA

    Thank God you guys created this product!
    Your grinder is absolutely amazing! it's so smooth and simple. And so easy for my hands to use. I NEVER thought i could use a grinder myself. My grip has gotten so bad, i have no strength, and it hurt so bad to use grinders. i've been having my husband handle my medicine. Thank you so much, what a blessing!

    Simon Pabloespinosa


    Ohh,,, yes, i can feel it. this is very smooth. like almost there nothing inside. what a cool grinder and it is also very beautiful

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