We are happy to team up with leading brands that thinks alike, interested in common good and willing to act.By giving away FREE grinders on events to seed awareness for responsible cannabis consumption.

OUR goal


Seeding awareness for clean medication

We believe that cannabis users should be provided with information that will educate them about the importance of proper cannabis consumption - contaminate free. We are passionate about encouraging responsible consumption in order to make the most of cannabis healing qualities. 




endorsing brands








Endorsing Brands

Made us possible

The Original Cones

Creators Of The PRE ROLL Cones

Mountainhigh is part of the Dutch company Vandenberg Special Products B.V. The company was founded in 1994 and is the inventor of the famous Pre-rolled paper Cones. With Mountainhigh Cones, everyone can make the perfect joint in no time. Since then, we have stood at the top of this specific smoking sector for years: Mountainhigh is number one worldwide when it comes to pre-rolled Cones.

The Soil King

your garden destination

In 2005 I started mixing and selling my own bulk soils, providing what customers hadn't been able to find, locally, and it has taken off from that point. Today, The Soil King Garden Center is here to support our community with their gardening needs.
We have a full gardening center, with everything from bulk soil and bagged soil products, bulk worm castings, amendments, nutrients and additives, pots, stakes, greenhouses, trimming machines and sifting machines, rosin presses, and more! Greenhouses, from small pop up to large agriculture type, water tanks, and rainwater collection tanks and much much more!!


An Ican company

CannaTech is the only event of its kind with a truly global focus that offers senior industry leaders, medical and scientific experts, and new ventures the platform to come together, drive innovation, form partnerships and promote knowledge exchange.
We showcase leading thinkers and influencers from the across the globe and present the most relevant conversations industry wide. We feature dynamic presentations that focus on science, research, finance, medicine, tech, agriculture, innovation and government policy.

Seed 2 Soul

Cannabis Finest Products

Focused on showcasing the original, small-farm, growing practices that made sun-grown cannabis from the Emerald Triangle famous, Seed2Soul's™ mission is to seek out and deliver products that only represent the pinnacle of Northern California quality. Seed2Soul is led by Patrick King, “The Soil King”, a well-known public figure in cannabis and a Sonoma County Original Grower (S.C.O.G.). His success as a cultivator is legendary and led to the creation of a business built around his Big Rootz soil recipe, considered the standard of excellence for outdoor growing. Pat’s unwavering commitment to his community and for cultivating clean, pure and effective flower is reflected in every product Seed2Soul produces.