How to clean your grinder

Cleaning a Grinder

Maintaining a clean grinder is crucial to its functionality. There is not a single method to clean a grinder, as the chosen solvents relies on the raw material. Not all plastics, for example, can resist alcohol.

Things you need to clean a Grinder:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Toothpicks
  • Glass container
  • Paper towel
  • Toothbrush

Getting started

Depending on what end results you would like to achieve, you should use the guide at your own free will. Now that you have all the materials ready, disassemble your grinder and let's begin.

Plastic grinders - cleaning safety precautions

If your grinder is made out of plastic, we suggest taking a drop of alcohol and pouring it on the outside of the grinder to perform a surface-resistant test. Wait for about 5 minutes, and with a toothpick, test the surface resistance by scratching the treated area.

If the treated area becomes mushy, do not continue using the alcohol. Instead, switch to hot water or a citrus acidic-based cleaner.

If the treated area does not react to the alcohol, you can continue to the next step.

Soak the grinder parts in alcohol

Use the glass container to submerge the grinder parts in alcohol and let them rest for a few minutes. The duration really depends on how dirty your grinder is.

Removing kief from The Corners & Teeth

Remove the grinder part from the container, but do not wipe it; instead, use a toothpick to remove any remains from the corners of the rotating section. Then, move ahead and clean the grinder teeth. Repeat the same procedure using a toothbrush to clean the teeth. If it is required, re-soak the grinder in the alcohol until you get your desired results.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Use the toothbrush to remove any kief stuck on the external and internal rotating surfaces. The cleaning of the rotating surfaces are crucial for the grinder’s operation. If you want your grinder to stay with you for a long time, this area should be kief free.

Wipe, Wipe, Wipe

Now that your grinder is all brushed, use a clean paper towel to wipe any remains from the moving parts. You can also wash the grinder in hot water after it has been brushed. Repeat the steps if you are not satisfied with the results.


How to clean the MMJGRIND

We have a made a short video explaining how to maintain the MMJGRIND.



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