herb grinders gets clogged, this is how  you get them back working

Clogged grinders? Free(z)e'm up!

Clogged grinders? Free(z)e'm up!


Absolutely, that's correct—what you're witnessing in the image is indeed a frozen grinder.

Have you found your grinder stuck, refusing to budge? No need to panic; we've got you covered. Let's delve into the intricacies of bringing your grinder back to optimal functionality.

One effective method to liberate your grinder is by subjecting it to a deep freeze for a couple of hours. Once you've allowed ample time, carefully take it out and wrap the grinder with a towel. For optimal results, it's advisable to avoid direct hand contact, ensuring your hands don't unintentionally warm it up during the process.

With your wrapped grinder in hand, gently tap the lid against a sturdy surface. Opting for the floor is a viable choice, or if available, a small hammer can be employed for a more controlled impact. It's essential to note that excessive force is unnecessary; small, measured shocks are ample to dislodge any pollen that might have adhered to the metal. The freezing process renders the pollen structure brittle, facilitating its easy fragmentation.

This method, though seemingly unconventional, proves effective in reviving a stuck grinder, allowing you to resume your grinding adventures seamlessly.

Remember, the journey of understanding your grinder can be as fascinating as the grinds it produces. Happy grinding! 🌿✨

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