Bare Hands Grinding

bare hands flower breaking grinding
Are you bare hands grinding advocate?

Some of us like to play around with the buds/nugs and feel them. While this can be very satisfying, the action itself is not recommended. We cannot ignore the fact that on average, we touch our face about 16 times an hour, and we use our phones way more than that.



"Humans host two types of face-sexing mites, little tiny parasites!"

Yes, that is the sweat/facial residue that our body produces naturally for detoxification. Bare hands herbal grinding will contaminate your medicine with parasites, and pollen will stick to your hands/fingers and get caught underneath your fingernails.

Bare Hands herb grinding - Loss of Potency

Trichomes are the resin glands of the plant that contain medicinal material. The trichomes are very fragile and can easily be detached from the plant material. By breaking the flowers with your hands, you are guaranteed to lose trichomes to your fingernails. If you would like to utilize the full potential of your medicine, rather than waste concentrated pollen, use a grinder!

Also, don’t use your cell phone as a tray. Your phone screen is highly infected with face sexing mites. Remember those markings on your smartphone screen that we have to wipe away so often? Well, these are the same sex mites!

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