Titanium Grinders - What do you really know?

Titanium Grinders - What do you really know?

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Titanium Grinders - What do you really know?


MMJGRIND - july 6 2020

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Image by google search for titanium grinders

Titanium Grinders - What do you really know?

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The truth is that titanium is so expensive that it doesn't make any sense to use it as a raw material for grinders.
Titanium alloys are used in surgical appliances and in aerospace applications, mostly... there are also used in the motorsports industry where strength and weight are crucial. Shaping Titanium very expensive as the raw material has high resistance, it takes more time and more tools to create the shape as you would from an aluminum block.

Still, you can do a little google search, and you will find a few titanium grinders, such as the one the top of the article which is clearly not made from Titanium alloy.

There are no real titanium grinders on earth :)

Not true. There are Titanium grinders on earth!
But there are so expensive it makes no sense to own one unless you are just in love with grinders or that money is not a problem and you can afford a good couple of hundreds of dollars to spend on one. when you do get one we think that this one is an OK design.
You can get one for 300$ at https://www.apextwenty2.com

The best titanium grinders out there

Sourcing for information  you may google Titanium Grinders but it is unlikely that it would be easy to find the real ones, the reason is that bloggers and revenue-generating pages that drives traffic directly to market places such as Amazon and eBay. They have no clue what they are talking not they really care about the conclusions of their actions. 

The good Samaritan  We tend to get a little biblical here but that for a good reason. There are Titanium Grinders and they do cost way above the average grinder. You can notice the price difference even if you are blindfolded.

Titanium Grinders vendors . There are many vendors out there that offer Titanium grinders, most of them are online shops and affiliated pages and forums... and you can say OK, they did not know. But what would you do if a large chain store or brand claim to provide you with a good deal on a Titanium grinder? such a deal that doesn't leave any room to think? well, leave them! what do you think? if they can provide misleading information over a grinder, which is not regulated by any organization, what would be their creditability for providing your with regulated products, lab tested? could they be lying about that too?

Generic Herb Grinders

This is so wrong that it is funny. just have a look at the article below covering a Titanium coated grinder.... the picture clearly shows a none coated grinder but the author is mentioning a completely different brand in the article. Are we so stupid that we will fall for this?

The problem with generic grinders is that they all copy the same mistake of the others. This has created  a unique situation that only a few brands are really trying to solve a problem while the majority is just selling cheap.

If there is one bad apple Soon enough the whole bag would be packed with them, think about it... if there is just one evidence to be found misleading, what does it means about the rest of the data provided?

There are many well thought products in the market, in any market. Please share a product if you think we should know about and place him on the spotlight.

What we can recommend for you? it really depends on your budget. While owning a titanium grinder might be cool and health wise, considered safe... it is an over kill! the same user experience can be achieved with our kind grinder and for a fraction of the price, we really did this product available for everyone at 15$ it is well delivering the user experience it promises.

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