Titanium Grinders - What do you really know?

Titanium grinders

The truth is that titanium is so expensive that it doesn't make any sense to use it as a raw material for grinders.

There are no real titanium grinders on earth :)

This is true. We have never seen one, and we don't expect to see one in the future. Creating a titanium grinder would  simply be overkill.

Still, you can do a little google search, and you will find a few titanium grinders, such as the one here.

Make no mistake—sellers like him have no idea what they are selling. From his perspective, grinders are hot-selling items, and everyone wants a piece of the cake.

What about branded titanium grinders?

Simply put, it's sort of coating which probably branded as titanium and got nothing to do with real titanium. It's a marketing gimmick! see for yourself how that coating degrades from the friction generated by the top part over the blades on the bottom part internal wall.


Is a Titanium grinder good for me?

sure it is. it is safe and durable, will never break probably! lets us know if you find a real one!

Goodbye Titanium grinders!

If you would like to see us making a titanium grinder comment below!



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