Plastic Grinders

Plastic grinders are cheap, but what does it really mean to use one?

Acrylic Herb Grinders are produced using commercial plastic and are the least expensive grinders, more often than not cost two or three dollars. Produced using plastic, acrylic herb grinders break easily and by and large don’t last long. Additionally, smoking or vaping herbal medicine with bits of acrylic in it is exceedingly dangerous to your wellbeing and doesn't provide the healing properties of the plant.

There are FDA-approved plastics that some manufacturers use, but they lack mechanical design due to their potential wear and medicinal contamination.

Plastic herb grinders

The problem with plastic grinders is when they are made from industrial grades of ABS, Polypropylene, or Polycarbonate, which are the 3 most common and low BIO-COMPATIBILITY plastics. Working with these base materials is nearly impossible, and manufacturers tend to add glass fibers to reinforce the grinder’s structure. This leads to a permanent health risk, as prior to its breakage, little particles will be consumed along with your medicinal herbs.


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