Neodymium magnets in Herb Grinders

Neodymium magnets in Herb Grinders

Neodymium Magnets Use In Herb Grinders

Magnets are very popular in herb grinders as they have tremendous power, 100's time their weight, and will secure the lied properly, however, they are not superior in every aspect, as neodymium-based magnets lose their magnetism at lower temperatures and tend to corrode.

Poorly designed grinders will tend to generate friNeodymium magnetction between the magnets resulting in a degradation of the material and contamination of the grounded flowers.

Neodymium metal dust is combustible and therefore an explosion hazard.


But do not worry, that doesn't mean your grinder will explode.

Neodmium Mgagnets Backround

Discovered in 1925, widely used in such products as microphones, professional loudspeakers, in-ear headphones, high-performance hobby DC electric motors, and computer hard disks, where low magnet mass (or volume) or strong magnetic fields are required. Larger neodymium magnets are used in high-power-versus-weight electric motors (for example in hybrid cars) and generators (for example aircraft and wind turbine electric generators)

Neodymium Magnets Biocompatibility

Neodymium compounds, as with all rare-earth metals, are of low to moderate toxicity; however, its toxicity has NOT been thoroughly investigated. Neodymium dust and salts are very irritating to the eyes and mucous membranes, and moderately irritating to skin. Breathing the dust can cause lung embolisms, and accumulated exposure damages the liver.

Neodymium magnets have been tested for medical uses such as magnetic braces and bone repair, but biocompatibility issues have prevented widespread application. 

Neodymium magnets are coated with nickel plating

The magnets found in herb grinders are shiny like silver but do not mistake here it is not Silver but Nickel plating.  This is done to prevent corrosion as nickel has a higher resistance to corrosion than Neodymium.

Nickel compounds are classified as human carcinogens[95][96][97][98] based on increased respiratory cancer risks observed in epidemiological studies of sulfidic ore refinery workers.[99] This is supported by the positive results of the NTP bioassays with Ni sub-sulfide and Ni oxide in rats and mice.[100][101] The human and animal data consistently indicate a lack of carcinogenicity via the oral route of exposure and limit the carcinogenicity of nickel compounds to respiratory tumours after inhalation.[102][103] Nickel metal is classified as a suspect carcinogen;

The average daily exposure does not pose a threat to human health. Most of the nickel absorbed every day by humans is removed by the kidneys and passed out of the body through urine or is eliminated through the gastrointestinal tract without being absorbed. Nickel is not a cumulative poison, but larger doses or chronic inhalation exposure may be toxic, even carcinogenic, and constitute an occupational hazard


Is It Safe To Swallow a Magnet?

Another risk of these powerful magnets is that if more than one magnet is ingested, they can pinch soft tissues in the gastrointestinal tract. This has led to at least 1,700 emergency room visits and necessitated the recall of the Buckyballs line of toys, which were construction sets of small neodymium magnets.


How To Maintain a herb Grinder With Magnetic LockingAlchohol sachet to clean a grinder

The best advice would be to use an alcohol sachet to wipe the trichomes of the magnets. In any circumstances, do not scrap trichomes using a sharp tool as you will end up with a contaminate mixture of trichomes and neodymium dust.


*Info by the courtesy of Wikipedia

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