Aluminum - Hidden Risks

Overexposure to Aluminum causes an oxidative stress within brain tissue.[8] Since the elimination half-life of aluminum from the human brain is 7 years, this can result in cumulative damage via the element's interference with neurofilament axonal transport and neurofilament assembly. Some experts believe it plays a role in leading to the formation of Alzheimer-like neurofibrillary tangles. Blaylock et al. suggest that the heterogeneous symptoms of autism spectrum disorders have a connection with dysregulation of glutamatergic neurotransmission in the brain along with enhancement of excitatory receptor functions by pro-inflammatory immune cytokines as the underlying pathophysiological process.[9]

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The dangers of heavy metals in cooking utensils - Short video


Aluminum and Alzheimer are directly linked—search results speak for themselves. Please make sure your aluminum grinder does not contaminate your medicine.

Short- and long-term Aluminum overexposure side effects

Overexposure to aluminum leads to brain damage, chronic inflammation, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists are currently studying possible links between behavioral and cognitive disorders and aluminum exposure as well.


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